Bio’s–Meet the Band


DOLLAR BILL JOHNSTON plays mandolin and guitar and provides the main vocals for the band. He has played with countless folkies in Dallas over the last 40 years and is well know in Dallas and beyond. He has traveled here and abroad with his son and daughter who have been professional musicians for many years. In his young life $Bill was a “carny” but went on to be a history teacher, boat builder and home builder. He now “works the land” in Old East Dallas. He has recently learned to play the bird whistle and the spoons.

dollario taxes

GEORGE CLOY has played guitar since his teenage years and has added the banjo over the past several years. He has a love of many varied musical styles. He comes from a small town in Mississippi and has had broad education, travels and life experiences. He has in his heart old time blues and Appalachian songs as well as bluegrass and Irish music. He also does vocals and can add some great jazz guitar if needed.

LINDA RAY studied classical violin and performed extensively in her youth and returned to the violin after careers in real estate and Wall Street. A retired stock broker , she has played with the New Philharmonic Orchestra of Irving. She eventually found a love of old time string band music and many other fiddle styles, giving much credibility to the band. She also sings vocals, plays cello and occasionally will play a lead on the kazoo.


MAX JOHNSTON, (son of $Bill), is a professional musician who provides vocals, plays fiddle, banjo, guitar, dobro and lap steel guitar. As a young teenager he was an early member of Dollars Taxes and went on to play with Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Michelle Shocked, Freakwater and, most recently, The Gourds. From Dallas to Lexington, Kentucky to Austin and now back to Dallas he has played professionally since he was 18, here and internationally. A happy family man, Max now lives with his wife and two young daughters in East Dallas.

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